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9 Days Remain in Fundraising Campaign

We’ve got 9 days left to raise the money to finish our 2nd album. Thanks to your support, we’re already halfway there. We’ve rasied $5,150 of our $10,000 goal.  That’s not bad at all! As some of you may know, if we raise enough to complete the project, we are going to donate 20% of our first month of album sales to the Vancouver Aquarium for ocean sustainability education.

There are a ton of cool perks available for donating and you actually get great value for your money (unless you think we suck, then you get terrible value).  If you are considering buying a copy of our album when it’s released, you may as well pre-order it now. It’s the same price as it will be when it comes out ($10), but this way we get the money up front and can actually afford to finish it! For $25 you get a signed copy of the album 1 week in advance of the general public and the rewards go up and up from there. Check out the campaign on IndieGoGo. Thanks so much for your help!!

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Apr 6
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