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Thanks, Daniel!

So this is just way too amazing not to share.  The other day DK responded to a Craigslist ad in search of a labourer for a couple days.  Below is the email that was sent to band email account following DK’s time working for Ted, or “Bray Ave Grumpy Guy.”

I’d just like to say thanks again to Daniel. I needed hard work done, and done fast and he came through BIG TIME. After trying several routes for labour, such as “starving students” etc I ended up facing a brick wall! I heard it all from, ‘Well, I want to go to the beach tommorow’… ‘if you pick me up AND drive me home’… ‘ I’ll work a hour and see if i like it’…………

Not only did he show up, but showed up on time! Comunication was excellent, eazy going, did what was asked of him and never complained. I had to tell him to stop, take a breather, he just kept going…. we, well HE was working in our hotest part of August outside, digging soil, hauling 80lb+ concrete pavers all day long for 2 days….. and
never a complaint, he just kept going.

I wish daniel a brite future in what ever path he desides as I feel confident he will do well, what ever his choice.

Myself, I will have no hesitation calling on Daniels services again if I need man power, alot of the youger generation could learn from his work ethic.

Ted Blosmanis
( put my phone # in if you print this….and call me when your back from Sanfran……… :)  


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Aug 20
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