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Jellyfish Project Launched/New Album In The Works (DK)

DK here with a blog update! We’ve reached February 2012 and we’re geared up for a busy time ahead. Lots of exciting stuff going on. I’m pleased to report that we’ve launched our environmental program, ‘The Jellyfish Project’. We are taking the program to schools this year as well as promoting the cause from the stage, the merch stand, and the internet. It’s all about spreading awareness about the poor health of the world’s oceans and helping people learn how they can be a part of a shift towards a sustainable future. The program still has a ways to go in terms of development (e.g. we still need to make a website), but we definitely have a good start and it feels good to already have a few schools booked. I’m personally really excited about it. We have a great opportunity as a band to be a catalyst for great change and increased awareness. I’m really looking forward to developing the project to the point where other bands who are interested in saving the oceans can join the Jellyfish Project and do what we are doing. In time, it really could have a massive reach and impact. More on that later…

It other news, we are in the midst of recording our second full length album. We are recording with Sean Carrie, a graduate of Nimbus Recording School in Vancouver. We’ve done a week in the studio so far (7 all nighters in a row) and we are heading back for another week later this month. I gotta say that I think this album is going to top our last and I’m really excited about all the material. So far everything is sounding really good. Still lots of work to go. We are hoping to release the beast in the summer… probably in August.

We also have a new jam space! Rod, Pozy, and Cam have moved into a place together near the area of the original Mindil Beach Markets house. Due to finances, we are jamming at their place now and saving some decent money not having to go to a jam space. It’s also a pretty great place to play, despite the old electrical system and consequential electric shocks from the microphones.

Off to Song and Surf IV this weekend in Port Renfrew, one of our favourite places to play!


DK’s picks:
Hugh Mundell – My Mind
Wu Tang Clan – Bells of War

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